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Massimo Memoli was born in 1972. From his first memories of his childhood, thanks to his father Donato, a well-known salernitan photographer, his life is pervaded with photography. Smell of chemists in black and white, the darkness and the red light of the camera obscura, the table the stands and the lamps, the Rolleiflex biotic and by growing up he has become keen on that metal toy “The Camera”. His love for photography becomes stronger and stronger. He wants to discover new horizons through his photographic vision; the taste for catching the reality and his desire to move. In the following years, his strengthens this passion and thanks to his artistic originality, he choices this world. He attends a photograph school, Workshops, Master of Specialization, Seminars. He shows his images in different art exhibition and in the meantime he goes on taking photos, experimenting with the photographic art in all its form. He starts his photographic activity in black and white because it is the essential base of a photographer’s formation. Among his numberless photo reportages the most important was the one he took to the Pope John Paul II on the occasion of the opening of the Metropolitan Seminary in Salerno. Today he is a well-known professional, he has got a thirty-years’ experience and owns on up to date technical equipment, he is the owner of the firm Foto video Memoli, which was set up by his father in 1966, he deals with the different photographic fields: marriages, fashion, portraits, advertising, Still Life, Food & Beverage, art works, publishing, post production and editing. His photos are creative, stylish and full of details with a personal refined style, but at the same time natural and emotional in which the light, the shapes, the forms and the colors become images of high quality. After all this years, his passion is always great and has changed everything about his photographing in order to remain up to date and link together tradition and new technologies, without never changing his ideas and his personal style.

The image of a moment, told with a photo, is the visible reminder of a past moment that remains fixed in the people who lived it.
Massimo Memoli

Massimo Memoli Professional Photographer


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