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Photographic Services

With experience, specialization, seriousness and personalization of the work, Massimo Memoli realizes photographic and video services of high quality that only a professional photographer can give. He personally plans every service and looks after every phase from the planning to the preparation, from the photos to the post production. He is at your disposal to propose ideas, suggestions and satisfy your requirements, to the light of clearness.


Miniatura-Rolleiflex-1    Marriages “The memory of a unique day”
Massimo Memoli relates marriages to elegant images seizing in each of them the essence of every emotion and, particularly, he interprets the wedding photo service in a personalized manner and not as something that people have already seen because every love story is a unique story. He likes to pay attention to all the working phases from the organization of the day, from the realization of the photos to the choice and reworking of the images, from the format of the graphics to the printing and to the book binding of every image. He wants to get this day unforgettable and let the images talk in his place. Experience, tactfulness, seriousness, ability and friendliness are Massimo Memoli’s main qualities. A photographer who can face and prevent circumstances which might take place, thanks to his experience. The album, the photobook and the wedding video are realized carefully with great attention and with high quality’s products made in Italy. If you choose to avail of the photographic services and video realized by Massimo Memoli you’ll be sure of relying on a photographer’s studio which is serious, professional and can make unforgettable the day of your wedding.

Miniatura-Rolleiflex-2   Ceremonies
A ceremony is an important event in a family’s life which deserves to be remembered through images concerning all the most moving moments: the tears of a newborn child in contact with the Holy water during the Baptism, the boy’s face who is going to receive the Sacrament of the First Communion , the joy after the strain at the end of the thesis discussion, the grandfather’s smiling eyes who keeps his birthday with his grandchildren, the tender embrace between husband and wife who keep their wedding anniversary. It will be the photo to recollect your ceremonies, the real elements that testify to your memories. Massimo Memoli realizes photo and video services for Baptisms, First Communions, Confirmations, Graduations, Birthdays parties, Wedding Anniversaries, and so on, with crisp shots of expressions and spontaneous gestures, real and exciting, capturing unique moments and details that make memory of your unforgettable ceremony.

Miniatura-Rolleiflex-3   Engagement
The photo of engagement is a typology of photo service which was born in the United States and then it spread also in Italy. Its protagonists are two lovers wishing to have an indelible memory of this event. Massimo Memoli realizes photographic services and professional videos for lovers in order to immortalize the feeling which links two people. This shooting will probably be the prelude of the wedding photographic service: the best way to meet the couples in a relaxing and amusing atmosphere.

Miniatura-Rolleiflex-4  Matherhood – Newborn babies and babies
As a portrait photographer, Massimo Memoli realizes photo services for mothers and babies, motherhood and newborn babies. Motherhood is a main event in woman’s life that will be recalled through professional images which represent all the most moving and spontaneous moments in order to catch all the beauty and the unrepeatability of the first moments of life of your baby, from the first smiles to the first plays, to the first birthday. In order to draw the babies attentions turning the photo service into lovely play special techniques are necessary and can come only from the experience. To create the real atmosphere in a studio, to transfer the set to the family’s home or to a familiar place is important to encourage the young man’s mood to be photographed. The family’s presence close to the photographer is fundamental so that the baby can behave naturally showing expressions of everyday life: smile, grimaces, laughs, yawns and so on seized in their spontaneity.

Miniatura-Rolleiflex-5   Portraits and Photographic Books
Massimo Memoli carries out photographic portraits both at his studio and at home. Besides he realizes professional photos to make up books and composit for people who aspire to be fashion models, actors, actresses, singers and so on. The photographic shooting can be realized at his studio or in another location. A good photobook must be complete with photos settings, different dresses and looks, portraits in the foreground in order to point out the expressiveness of a face, to show the physicality, the proportions of the body which are very important for those young women wishing to go in for a fashion model’s career. Therefore, according to the work to realize, the shooting can vary in accordance with the duration and the number of session. The high definition of images will be chosen carefully, optimized, retouched helping you in the choice of the best photos to stamp and insert in your book or photographic composit.

Miniatura-Rolleiflex-6   Still life and Advertising
Massimo Memoli plans and realizes professional photos of still life and advertising for web sites, advertising campaigns, brochures, and catalogues about trade assets of small, middle and large commercial realities, banks and private offices. In order to make winning advertising instruments, it is necessary to address a Professional Photographer. Through the images, he must give prominence to the products intended for the sale or the services offered, he must be able to immortalize the most important moments of your activity, to create lovely composition on the set. Massimo Memoli is the answer to these exigencies. Thanks to his acquired professional skills and the experience reached in this sector, he is able to offer you photo services of high quality, images of high resolution. Besides, he is interested in the search of objects for the composition of photographic settings; if it is required he can place at your disposal fashion models, hairdressers, make-up men and so on. Massimo Memoli is willing to realize photographic services in any place.

Miniatura-Rolleiflex-7   Food & Beverage
By the culinary passion to the fascination of representing photographically this vast world, Massimo Memoli creates the concrete images of food and beverage, elegant and intense, that in addition makes the food appealing and attractive, keep alive the desire to taste a dish in which shines fragrance and authenticity. At the same time, the images realized, tell the story behind the preparation or outline of it, as well as enjoy a good wine and tell from which comes the vineyard and cellar. The communication and visibility of a company and its products Made in Italy are crucial in order to get noticed in a market rich and saturated with every proposal and strong competition. A good professional photo shoot is a guarantee of cool pictures. Massimo Memoli realizes professional photo of food products, food, photographic services for bakeries, farms, wine producers, wineries, vineyards and wineries, distilleries, breweries and dies olive-oil production. Images can be made at the customer's location, location outside or in the studio, through an accurate work of optimization and photo retouching are measured and made suitable for publishing, advertising and web.

Miniatura-Rolleiflex-8   Photographic Services about Fashion-Designers, Hairdressers, Make-up men,
Massimo Memoli realizes photographic services and professional videos for Fashion, designers, Hairdressers, Make-up Men and Beauticians. The carrying out of the images are the result of a careful and preliminary study to take artistic and original photos full of strong impact and appeal, intended for advertising campaigns, catalogues, web and paper portfolio on Composit or book. Besides the post production will aim to improve and assure the best result thanks to the typology of photographic service requested in order to exalt the features of the figure, the colors and the shapes. In virtue of the concept Massimo Memoli is at your disposal to realize the photographic service at his studio, at your firm, outside locations or during the fashion shows.

Miniatura-Rolleiflex-9   Industrial Photographies
The professional photography conveys immediate information to the potential customers grace to the strong communicative ability due to the images. Massimo Memoli realizes photographic services and professional videos for the industry aiming to prove by documents the firms activity through images realized during the manufacturing cycle or phases of handwork. At the same way it will be possible to realize portraits and photos to the staff, to the firm building and so on.

Miniatura-Rolleiflex-10   Meetings – Expositions – Events – Spectacles
To entrust the task to a professional photographer in order to realize a reportage of an event, means to have the guarantee to obtain a photographic service and video of high quality. Massimo Memoli as a professional photographer is responsible for the carrying out of photographical services and videos for Meetings, Expositions (fair), Spectacles, Openings, Sporting and Cultural Events, Concerts, Musicals, Essays of dancing and Performances. Every service is carried out carefully in order to tell the most important moments of the event.

Miniatura-Rolleiflex-11   Reportage
Massimo Memoli tells and documents stories through the images. He is willing to collaborate with Public Bodies and Institutions, Associations and Organizations involved with social activity in order to realize news and documentary reportage.

Miniatura-Rolleiflex-12   Mini Service Festivities
It is a simple photographic service realized in studio which has a short length. This typology of photographic professional service is foreseen only on the occasion of Christmas Holidays, Easter and Carnival.

Miniatura-Rolleiflex-13   Photographic Service in Studio
Massimo Memoli has got a well-equipped studio with sitting room provided with modern equipment, flash, lights, continuous lights, stands, wind engine, reflective panels useful to realize photographic professional services.


Ask for information or an estimate cost for the carrying out of your photographic service in the section Contacts. We’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.


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