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When Massimo Memoli takes a photo he doesn’t think because he has already fixed it in his mind a moment before…this is his “modus operandi”. In any photo he takes, he makes use of his experience, passion, skill, creativity, seriousness and punctuality, as well as his discretion. He likes planning every aspect before a photo concerning marriage, portrait, a still art work or another project because his chief aim consists in taking photos which can convey emotions. According to him taking photos means to raise our hearts and immortalize that moment. He interprets every work that he receives in an exclusive manner because he pays attention only to what he photographies and succeeding in seizing the real essence not only of what he must be but above all of what it must represent for the customer’s requirements. He interprets photography not as a simple instrument for the mechanical portrayal of the images but as a noble language to express with passion and wish to move his photographic art.

If somebody ask him…… “what is your finest photo?” he answer…… “It is the one I’ll still have to take!”


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